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Our commercial sales team works with other businesses to take Waitrose and John Lewis products and services to places where a traditional shop format isn't possible, in the UK and overseas. 

You may have visited Little Waitrose shops in Welcome Break motorway service areas or seen Essential Waitrose Tea Bags in a supermarket in the Caribbean. We're exporting own-label and branded goods to more than 50 countries, including Singapore, Mauritius and Ghana. 

Whatever the type or size of business, from small independents to large multinationals, we welcome the opportunity of getting to know new people and ways of sharing our products and brands.

Find out more about Waitrose below, or visit John Lewis Business.

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WHO do we WORK with

We export own-label groceries around the world thanks to relationships with food and drink specialists and distributors.

  • Our first Waitrose shop overseas opened in Dubai in 2008. We now have 14 Waitrose shops operating under licence in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. In 2020 we launched a United Arab Emirates home-delivery service through our website,

  • We’ve been working with Hampshire-based Foods of Europe to export Waitrose products to countries in Asia, including Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong and the Philippines, for over 20 years. 

  • Thanks to our relationship with Caribbean Trading, Waitrose groceries are stocked by Massy supermarkets on many of the islands including Barbados and Trinidad.
  • We’ve been working with Alderney Farm Shop in the Channel Islands since 2014 to make sure its two shops are fully stocked with produce such as fresh pasta, vegetables and cheese.

  • One of our longest relationships has been with ParknShop in Hong Kong and southern China, where products such as granola, sweets and canned chopped tomatoes have been available since 1998.

  • Our partnership with Shell began in 2012. We're on course to increase the number of Waitrose forecourt shops to 125 (many of which will host the John Lewis Click & Collect service) and install 800 electric vehicle charging points to 100 of our supermarket car parks – both by 2025.

Where to find our GROCERIES

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