Animal welfare

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FIRST for animal welfare

We’ve won more Compassion in World Farming awards than any other supermarket.

Chicken with more room to roam

Chickens with more ROOM to roam

All reared on British farms, they have more space to peck and play.

How they live

Veal calves, deer and game birds

VEAL CALVES, deer and game birds

Calves are reared to world-leading standards of animal welfare, game with minimal intervention.

Working with the farmers

Beef cattle with room to roam

Beef cattle with ROOM to roam

They have more space than the Red Tractor standard.

It's all British

How our lambs are reared

How our LAMBS are reared

With their mothers on British farms until weaning and then in groups outside.

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Dairy cows love grazing

Dairy cows LOVE grazing

Ours spend more than half the year outside.

Leading welfare

Free range egg-laying hens

FREE RANGE egg-laying hens

They are all free range – and have been since 2008.

Leading standards

How our pigs live

How our pigs LIVE

They are born outside and raised in the fresh air.

It’s all British

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A better life for animals

A better life for animals

Our farmers use an app to monitor emotional wellbeing.

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Our agriculture strategy

Our agriculture strategy

Sustainability and farming partnerships are the key to our future.

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Responsible sourcing

Responsible sourcing 

We're committed to sourcing responsibly, and contributing to the wellbeing of the communities where we operate

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