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Meat-free made easy

Need some inspiration for Veganuary? Explore an exciting range of vegan foods for you to enjoy, from key cupboard essentials such as veggie mince, tofu and jackfruit, to easy, ready-prepared vegan meals and dairy-free alternatives

 Vegan dinner for tonight

Easy solutions for meat-free meals, from delicious pizzas and pies to classic ready meals with a vegan twist

Make it easy this Veganuary

The great pretender

Plant-based alternatives to meat favourites such as rashers, mince and burgers make wonderful meat-free replacements in all your favourite meals. You'll never notice the difference

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Dairy-free favourites

No need to miss out on the creaminess of cheese, milk, yoghurts or mayo this Veganuary, with fabulous alternatives that are dairy free and delicious

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