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For a jug of perfect Pimm’s, check out our must-watch video, find ingredients for a classic mix, and browse our favourite recipes below. Then sip and share a taste of summer... 

Pimm's history


The Pimm’s No.1 Cup blend of gin liquors, fruit extracts and herbs is still made to the original 1840 recipe by James Pimm. It first became popular as a digestif at his London oyster bar and its iconic status cemented with the arrival of a Pimm’s bar at the 1971 Wimbledon tennis championships.

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Create classic Pimm’s with our checklist:
Lemonade: 2-3 parts to one part Pimm’s No.1 
Cucumber: peeled and added in chunks and slices for variety
Orange: quartered and sliced
Borage: a traditional Pimm's herb, scattered on top
Mint: an alternative to borage.
Now for the how: watch the recipe video.

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No matter what you use in your Pimm’s mix, don’t forget to add ice to the glass first. Use plenty of it (preferably in cube form), otherwise it’ll melt too quickly and dilute your Pimm’s. You can find ice, and other ingredients for classic Pimm’s, here.