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regional suppliers

We value our local producers – however small – and the local variety and sense of community their products bring to our shops.

We look for suppliers who offer:

  • Very high standards of preparation and the use of quality ingredients 

  • Provenance and integrity in sourcing. Ingredients should be simple, recognisable and, where possible, sourced from the local region.

  • Good presentation with visual appeal and appropriate packaging

  • Something different and innovative to complement our existing range  

Our local and regional suppliers must also be able to demonstrate they produce safe and legal food to a high quality. Requirements are bespoke to each category so the minimum level of third party certification differs. Our local and regional policy is made available during the on-boarding process.

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MORE information

If you’re a supplier looking to work with us, it’s worth doing your research with the relevant organisations. Here are a few to start with.

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