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Food glossary



A coulis is a smooth, thin sauce usually made from fruit but also from vegetables. The sauce consists of a pureé of the main ingredient which is sieved and then served as it is or flavoured with icing sugar or alcohol in the case of sweet coulis or with the addition of seasoning or herbs to savoury versions. It is usually served as an accompaniment to dishes rather than as part of the main dish. Ready-made raspberry or apricot coulis are available, they contain 80% fruit and are free from artificial colours and preservatives.

Uses: Fruit coulis such as raspberry, strawberry or apricot are often served drizzled round or over a portion of dessert such as a slice of tart, ice cream, sorbet or soufflé. Many fruits work well together such as raspberry and orange, lime and mango and mixed berry - strawberry, raspberry and redcurrant. Fruit coulis are usually served cold. Vegetable coulis are usually made from cooked vegetables and served warm. Pepper or tomato coulis may be served to complement a small portion of fish or meat or a starter.

To prepare: Making a fruit coulis at home is a good way to use up any slightly over-ripe fruit. Simply pureé the washed and prepared raw fruit and then sieve or blend in a food processor to produce a smooth, thin sauce. Taste the coulis before serving and add sugar, cream or a splash of your favourite spirit if required.