Fast-track your shopping with Quick Check

All myWaitrose members can now use Quick Check to speed up shopping at selected Waitrose stores.

Quick check
Quick Check scanner

Save time and money

Simply scan and pack your shopping straight into your bags. You’ll see a running total of your spend on the handset, plus you’ll hear a beep to alert you to special offers. When you’ve finished just pay and go, with no need to unpack at the checkout.

It's as easy as 1-2-3

1.  Swipe

Swipe your myWaitrose
card at the Quick Check rack to release a handset. If you don’t have a myWaitrose card, simply join the scheme at


2.  Scan & pack

Scan the barcode on each item and pack it straight into your bags. If
you have trouble scanning a product, keep it to one side and declare it to a checkout assistant before you pay.

3.  Pay

Scan the ‘End your shop’ barcode at your checkout then pay for your shopping. There’s no need to unpack your bags and your myWaitrose benefits will be automatically applied.

Quick Check

Scan every item

You need to scan every item before placing it into your bag, including products on promotion such as Buy One Get One Free. (Please note that some promotions will not register on the handset but will be applied when you checkout). If you have any trouble scanning an item, keep it separate in your trolley and declare it to the assistant at the checkout before you pay.

Weigh items Some fruit and vegetables need to be weighed. Place your product on the scales in the aisle and follow instructions to obtain a barcode. 

Loose items Some individual fruit, vegetables and bakery items don’t have a barcode on the product. Use the ‘Scan Me’ barcode on the edge of the shelf.

Security tags Scan the item and keep it separate in your trolley. Declare the item to an assistant at the checkout to have the tag removed. 

Occasional rescans

We trust all our customers, which is why we created Quick Check. As part of the process, we’ll occasionally rescan your shop, just to make sure that you’re charged correctly. Our Partners
will assist you with this process.

Any questions?

Simply visit the Welcome Desk. We’ll happily show you how to use Quick Check.

By using Quick Check, you agree to these Terms & Conditions.