Quick Check

Quickcheck scanner

Fast-track your shopping

Scan and pack your shopping straight into your own bags. Then just pay and go.

Save money

See how much you spend as you shop, make the most of special deals, and avoid any last minute surprises.

Save hassle

Pack your shopping straight into the bags in your trolley. You then just pay and go, with no need for repacking.

Save time

Bypass the usual checkouts and pay at the Welcome Desk, which can be quicker.



How to fast-track your shopping with Quick Check

  1. Sign-up at the Welcome Desk with any credit or debit card. It takes just a few minutes and you only need to do it once.
  2. Scan each item using the handheld scanner. You’ll see a running total of your spending on the screen. If you change your mind, simply remove and delete items as you go.
  3. Pack your items straight into bags that you’ve brought with you, or picked up in store.
  4. Pay at the Welcome Desk by your usual method or, if you have a Partnership Card™, you can save even more time when you use Quick Pay, our automated payment service.

How it works


Find out which branches offer Quick Check

Occasional rescans

We trust all our customers, which is why we created Quick Check. As part of the process, we'll occasionally scan your shop, just to make sure that everything scanned correctly.

Any questions?

Simply visit the Welcome Desk. We’ll happily show you how to use Quick Check and Quick Pay.

Track your spending as you shop - Quick Check makes it easy.

A wait off your mind - Fast-track your shopping with Quick Check.

Take it easy - Only pack once with Quick Check.