Gluten free Christmas

Waitrose chefs and nutritionists share tips, ideas and recipes for a gluten-free Christmas

Eating gluten free at Christmas doesn't have to be difficult or tasteless. This Christmas, Waitrose has gluten free mince pies, Christmas puddings and Christmas cakes, that are so delicious, you won't want to share them with Santa on Christmas Eve!

Nicola Selwood

Waitrose nutritionist, Nicola Selwood puts together a delicious gluten-free menu for Christmas

Butter-Roasted Turkey

Main course

'Many turkeys are stuffed and the breadcrumbs in the stuffing often contain gluten. If you or a guest, need to avoid gluten, why not try our Turkey Crown with Shallot & Smoked Sage Stuffing or Turkey Crown with Pork, Slow Cooked Duck & Cherry Stuffing.  These turkeys use rice and maize flours in their stuffings, so are suitable for those avoiding gluten.  We also offer a large number of unstuffed turkeys which are suitable for those avoiding gluten.'


'My favourite side dish, roast potatoes, often contain wheat flour in the coating so always check the ingredients if you are buying ready made ones. Any gluten containing ingredient will be highlighted in bold, along with other allergens, in the ingredients declaration on pack. Waitrose Goose Fat potatoes do not contain wheat flour so are suitable for those avoiding gluten.

Another popular side dish at Christmas are Pigs in Blankets and the sausages often contain gluten. Why not try making your own with Pouters Gluten Free sausages and streaky bacon.

Yorkshire puddings needn't be avoided this Christmas. Try our Gluten Free Yorkshire Pudding mix, for beautifully risen, fluffy puddings.'

Bread sauce is a Christmas favourite, so try substituting the breadcrumbs in your favourite recipe with Waitrose LoveLife Gltuen Free Breadcrumbs or try a gluten free bread sauce mix, like this one from Gordon Rhodes.

Crunchy roast potatoes
Mince pies

Dessert & drinks

'Our great tasting Love Life gluten free range has a great Christmas selection, including gluten free mince pies, gluten free Christmas cake and gluten free Christmas pudding. Or for something a little different this Christmas, why not try our White Forest Semifreddo or our Kir Royale, blackcurrant & Prosecco Meringue stack, both of which do not contain gluten.

Did you know, most beers, lagers and ales contain gluten. Wine and spirits are naturally gluten free, but if you plan to serve beer or lager, then opt for a gluten free one like Celia Premium Czech Lager?

Gluten free Christmas tips from the Waitrose Cookery School

Eleni Tzirki

Eleni Tzirki, Head Chef Manager, King's Cross

'Don't miss out on crackers with cheese. Substitute the crackers with oatcakes. They would also make a great canape for New Years with goats cheese and a red
onion chutney.'

'Why not try a gluten free stuffing;

450g WR lovelife pork sausages, skin removed
1 Bramley apple, peeled cored and grated
1 pack Cooked chestnuts, roughly chopped
1 Small onion, diced

Preheat the oven to 200c. Mix all ingredients together, season well, then pack into an oven proof dish. Bake for 40 minutes.'

'For dessert, no need to stick to the traditional Christmas pudding, make a baked alaska with ice cream/sorbet and fresh fruit.'