Banana & bacon trifle

Banana & bacon trifle 

‘Trifle is the number one dessert in the UK and tiramisu is a definite favourite. Banana and bacon are a great combination as one is sweet and the other smoky and savoury. Combine everything together and you get a fantastic sweet, savoury, creamy, smoky, crunchy dessert.’

Heston Blumenthal 


The ultimate chocolate truffle cake
The ultimate chocolate truffle cake

The ultimate chocolate truffle cake

Supersized and fabulously moreish, Heston's giant dark Belgian chocolate truffle is layered with hazelnut liqueur, flavoured ganache and buttercream. Enclosed in yet more chocolate and finished with a gold shimmer​, it's sure to go down a treat.

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Spiced shortcrust mince pies 
with a lemon twist >

Heston’s pies are deliciously different – a cross between a Sussex pond pudding and a classic mince pie. With spiced shortcrust pastry and a crumbly top, these mouthwatering pies are a winning combo. 

Spiced mulled cider
Spiced mulled cider

Spiced mulled cider >

A fine companion for a cold winter’s night, this aged Herefordshire cider is ideal for mulling things over, and is warmed with cloves, ginger and cinnamon.

Spiced shortcrust mince pies with a lemon twist
Mini Sticky Toffee Apple Sponge Pudding
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Mini sticky toffee apple
sponge pudding >

This non-traditional Christmas pudding is a warming and comforting dessert, great for cold Christmas days.  Rich, dark, spicy toffee and date sponge with caramel fudge pieces is topped with a brown butter caramel and candied apple sauce - yum!

Persian spiced Christmas pudding
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Persian spiced Christmas pudding >
Heston has worked his culinary magic into 
this Persian Spiced Christmas Pudding. Apricots, pomegranate, pistachios and Middle Eastern spices surround a fragrant honey and rose butter centre. 


Don't forget Heston's Christmas favourites...

Heston from Waitrose