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Turkey buying guide

All Waitrose turkeys come from British and Irish farms, and are reared by carefully chosen farmers who share our values on quality, food safety and animal welfare. We know every farmer we work with, which means we can trace every bird back to the farm where it was reared. We believe that the better the turkeys are cared for, the better the quality of their meat.

Down on the farm - meet 2 farmers who keep our free range turkeys happy and healthy 

Vince Carr

Our organic bronze feathered turkeys roam free at Vince Carr's farm in Donegal

Mark Bloom

Mark Bloom from Gressingham Foods' farm tells us why our turkeys have the best of everything 

Vince Carr’s family farm is a lovely place for anyone to live — and turkeys are no exception. ‘It’s peaceful here,' says Vince. 'As soon as the turkeys arrive, at 5 ½ weeks old, they're out exploring!' 

Vince and his son, Barry, rear about 3,000 Organic Bronze Feathered turkeys for Waitrose each year.

With shrubs to peck under, and rocks and fallen tree trunks to climb on, there’s lots to keep the birds busy. ‘They’re very playful and energetic,’ says Vince. ‘I never get tired of watching them. When you live with animals, you can tell when they’re happy just by looking at them, and I know mine are.’

Vince’s top tip:

‘Always let the meat rest for a while after cooking. It will make it more tender, and it will be easier to carve as well.’

‘Turkeys are very curious, and easily bored, so we give them
 lots of stuff to play with,’ says Gressingham’s Mark Bloom. ‘They love old CDs, because they’re reflective – it’s a bigger version of the mirror you hang up in a budgie’s cage.’

‘From the time they arrive 
as day-old chicks (poults) they have the best of everything,’ says Bloom. ‘The bronze breeds are traditional and slow growing, and are very close to the original wild turkeys, so they really thrive in a free-range environment.

‘At night they return to the barn for protection, but during the day they’re out in the paddocks,which is where they want to be. They really enjoy ranging about in there.’