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Cooking tips
Turkey buying guide

Most of us only cook a turkey once a year, so it’s no surprise if you worry about getting it right. Follow our top turkey cooking tips and learn how to roast, carve and make the perfect gravy with our easy how-to videos. 

To find a foolproof method, our food technologists cooked hundreds of turkeys, testing out different combinations of cooking times and temperatures. Here are their top 2 tips:

1) Cook it slower, for longer 

We found that the best results come from cooking on a lower temperature than people usually expect, but for longer. This way, the meat retains more of its juices, and there will be no need to baste. If you follow the instructions with your Waitrose turkey (and your oven is at the right temperature), you can be confident your turkey will be cooked through, and beautifully succulent.

2) Check your oven temperature

The heat control on your cooker may say one temperature, but the actual temperature may be different, as domestic ovens can vary widely. To be sure of cooking your turkey correctly, we recommend using an oven thermometer beforehand to check that the readings are the same. If they’re not, you’ll need to work out the difference and set your oven’s heat control accordingly. 

How to roast a turkey

Learn how to cook a succulent turkey with crispy golden skin with our roasting tips and tricks. 

How to carve a turkey

Learn how to get the most out of your Christmas turkey with our simple carving tips.

How to make the perfect gravy 

Heston shows you how to make his turkey gravy - the finishing touch for the perfect Christmas lunch