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The Waitrose gin range has embraced the best innovations in gin over the last few years and now offers a fine choice of gins no matter what your budget.

Whilst the debate over whether gin or vodka make the best martinis may rumble on for ever, there is no doubt that a well made gin and tonic is still one of the most refreshing long drinks known to mankind.

Over the last few years gin has been living in the shadows of an explosion of interest and new products in vodka.

The excitement in the world of vodka has inspired a few gin distillers to seize the initiative and introduce innovative new products.

At the top end we have Hendrick's Gin and Tanqueray Ten.

Hendrick's is produced by the same gifted distillers that have a hand in making some of Scotland's finest single malt whiskies (including Balvenie and Glenfiddich). It is subtly infused with many of the traditional botanicals used in gin and enhanced with essence of cucumber and rose petals. The result is a delicate gin which makes a superb G&T - capturing the quintessential British al fresco moment. Garnish it with a slice of cucumber as it is too delicate for cirtrus fruits.

Tanqueray Ten is again produced in Scotland, this time by the drink's giant Diageo. Diageo may be vast but they know that what makes Tanqueray Ten so special; the attention to detail. This fine gin is distilled with hand chopped fresh citrus fruit as well as the 'usual suspects' of herbs, spices and botanicals. Grapefuit plays a major role here and adds to the whole experience if used as a garnish with your G&T. The result is a clean, flavourful drink with a pleasing citrus bite to it.

Of the other gins Waitrose carry, our 'standard' Tanqueray - uniquely Waitrose offer the export strength Tanqueray. The higher alcohol level ensures more flavour from the botanicals are delivered in the finished drink. Beefeater is also a very good and very under-rated gin and finally, Waitrose own label premium grain gin (bottled at 40% abv) is hard to beat for your 'every day' needs.

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