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Pancake Day

How to make pancakes

Delicious, easy to make and most of all, a whole lot of fun - what's not to love about pancakes? 

If you've always wanted to learn how to whisk a smooth, lump-free batter, or how to master the flip technique, Druv Baker has all the answers. 

In Druv's words, "It's 4 ingredients, minutes to make and incredibly tasty", so there's no excuses not to get whisking and start flipping this Pancake Day.  

French crêpes, drop scones, Indian dosas and sweet and savoury fillings - there's more to pancakes than just flour and eggs. Find your favourite combination with our fruit, chocolate, savoury and speciality pancake recipes.  

Classic pancakes 

It doesn't get any more classic than thin French crêpes and thick butter Scotch pancakes. All that's needed is some lemon, sugar and honey. For an extra special breakfast simply add pears. 


Fruity pancakes

Fruit and pancakes are a perfect match. For exciting fruit flavours, try our rum and lime baked bananas recipe, or for a quick and easy option, simply top with your favourite fresh fruit.


Chocolate pancakes 

Chocolate tastes great with just about anything and pancakes are no exception. Poached rhubarb complements the sweet flavours nicely, and for an indulgent dessert look no further than our buttermilk pancakes with chocolate sauce.   


Savoury pancakes  

Just as delicious with hot smoked salmon, crispy pancetta and grilled cherry tomatoes as they are with chocolate, savoury pancakes make a great meal. Spice it up with onions and a sweet chilli sauce. 


Healthier options 

Not all pancakes have to be indulgent. They can be a delicious way to help boost your fruit and veg intake or add more fibre. For healthier options, try our potato and spinach pancakes, and our pear and buttermilk pancakes, or our lemon and ricotta spelt pancakes.


Speciality pancakes 

Looking for a vegetarian alternative? Try our tangy flavoured cheesy pancakes with cauliflower and broccoli. Looking for wholemeal or spelt pancakes? Try our 2 recipes below. 

Waitrose recipe challenge

To celebrate pancake day, we teamed up with 6 top food bloggers for a Waitrose world cuisine recipe challenge. They’ve taken inspiration from around the world and come up with delicious pancake recipes we know you’ll love. Why not try all American pancakes with bacon, chocolate chilli pancakes, Mexican style, or a taste of the orient with Chinese Hoisin duck pancake wraps?  

While all Waitrose recipes are tested extensively, we do not test any of the community recipes, so cannot verify the results or answer queries concerning them.

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