Heston's ultimate barbecue

Sunshine and warm weather can only mean one thing -
it’s barbecue time.

Fire up the grill and create a little Michelin star magic at home with Heston’s ultimate barbecue recipes. Think smoky beef burgers, Asian-style ribs, succulent chicken wings and hot dogs with plenty of bite. 

With 20 smoking hot Heston recipes, including Midwest baby back ribs, spicy kebabs and slow-cooked pulled pork sandwiches, it's time to get outside and get your grill on.

BBQ ribs recipes

Sticky, juicy and delicious - ribs are a barbecue classic for a reason. Go all American with Heston’s Midwest baby back ribs, or give your ribs an Asian-style makeover with a sweet-sour marinade. Heston’s advice? ‘Brine your meat then stick it in this intense, zingy, sweet-sour marinade (that also doubles as the cooking liquor) and you’ll get exactly the sticky, gooey ribs your after.’


BBQ chicken recipes 

No cookout is complete without the much-loved chicken wing.
“Chargrilled chicken wings slathered in a rich, sticky sauce has got to be one of the all-time barbecue classics. A little lime marinade to season and soften the meat, a coating of sauce made from punchy flavours and a sprinkle of sesame seeds for some crunch, and you’re good to go."

For a lighter option opt for chicken and quinoa. 


BBQ lamb and pork recipes 

‘The smell of lamb cooking on a grill is irresistible, especially if you then serve it up with some earthy sauteed mushrooms and crunchy, flavourful crispy onions,’ says Heston. We couldn’t agree more. Mix up your meats by adding Heston’s lamb burgers and pulled pork sandwiches to your barbecue menu.


BBQ beef recipes

Steak, hot dogs, burgers and Mongolian beef buns -  Heston’s meat feast is made for the grill. Smoky avocado sauce gives the traditional beef burger a distinctive edge, and hot dogs are brought to life with sharp sauerkraut, caramelized onions and tangy piccalilli mayo. 


BBQ fish recipes 

For a sizzling starter, take a retro prawn cocktail and give it the barbecue treatment, Heston style. 'By letting the lemons and some of the lettuce leaves colour on the grill it introduces a charred note that takes the dish in a new direction' says Heston.


BBQ vegetarian recipes 

Want your barbecue to be a meat-free zone? Fret not, Heston has the all the answers without a potato salad in sight. Predictable butter dipped artichokes make way for artichokes steeped in a zingy marinade, and for spectacular simplicity, create another dimension to sweetcorn by adding paprika butter and a little Manchego. And then there’s Heston’s veggie burger. ‘A veggie burger so full of flavour, even confirmed carnivores will want to try it,’ he says. We don’t doubt it.