Earlier this month we announced a first donation to the British Red Cross in support of their Ukraine Crisis Appeal. We also promised to match donations from customers and Partners (employees) of up to £150,000. Thanks to the generosity of both we've now raised a combined total of over £1.2 million but continue to encourage your donations to this vital cause. 

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     11 March 2022

Over the last week we have witnessed scenes of unimaginable suffering in Ukraine.

Our customers and our Partners (employees) have shown extraordinary generosity. Together with our matched contributions, we have so far raised more than £1.2 million for the British Red Cross. It’s not too late to contribute here.

This money will be used to provide food, first aid, medicine, shelter and warm clothing for those still in Ukraine and those who are fleeing for their lives.

We are also providing practical help to the Association of Ukrainians in Great Britain by offering Partner volunteers to support their work. My heartfelt thanks go to all of you who have donated so far.

    2 March 2022

I am deeply distressed by the humanitarian crisis unfolding in Ukraine – innocent people losing their lives, their loved ones, their homes, and families being separated. 

The John Lewis Partnership is making a first donation of £100,000 to the British Red Cross directly in support of their Ukraine Crisis Appeal. This will help provide food, water, medicine, warm clothing and shelter to those whose lives have been torn apart by this invasion.

The Partnership will also match donations from customers and our Partners (employees) up to £150,000 through this link.

My thoughts are with the people of Ukraine and everyone affected by this terrible war. We all share a common humanity and all conflicts – near and far – strike at the heart of our values.


Partner & Chairman

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