The great British garden party

We’re half way through school holidays, the rain is back and we’re still keeping our fingers crossed for an Indian summer - celebrate a traditional British summer with a very British garden party.

Not just for Wimbledon, get the party started with our perfect Pimm's recipe and cocktail ideas, and make the most of delicious seasonal vegetables with our salad recipes and garden party favourites. And no British garden party is complete without some classic British desserts - yes we’re talking about trifles and tarts. 

Summer cocktail recipes 


Summer salad recipes 


Summer dish recipes 


Summer dessert recipes 


The great British garden party tips

The great British garden party tips
The great British garden party tips


To create some al fresco ambience, fill glass bottles and jars with flowers and tea lights and hang from trees and gateways. Use string paper lanterns and bunting across fences and hedges and don't forget to lay picnic blankets down for guests to sit on. 


During the daytime, some vintage big band and swing music will have your guests twirling around the garden in the sunshine. As evening falls, light the candles and put on some burlesque and cabaret classics to add a touch of glamour.


To keep your guests entertained, set out a traditional game of croquet or boules which they can play at their leisure. Giant Jenga and Twister will ensure the afternoon is filled with laughter, as will a lively game of Blind Man’s Bluff, a favourite in Victorian England.


The great British garden party blogger challenge 

To celebrate the great British garden party, we’ve asked a selection of food bloggers to create tailor-made British inspired garden party recipes. Impress your guests with a warm summer salad with smoked paprika, squash and avocado, or try your hand at creating an Eton mess cocktail and a chocolate orange cake. 


Warm summer salad 

'This warm salad has a slight spicy kick and lots of lovely contrasting textures and flavours but is substantial enough to fill you up!'


The Eton Mess cocktail

'A delicious blend of Strawberries and Cream with Rhubarb liqueur. It doesn’t get more British than that!'


Chocolate orange cake

'An easy to make moist chocolately sponge cake with a fresh hint of orange... perfect for summer tea parties!'