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The British apple season hits its stride
this month. Whether it’s the famous
bramley or the crisp juiciness of less
well-known eating apples such as suffolk pink,
all lend themselves to countless uses, savoury
and sweet. Apples, of course, are a perfect partner for blackberries, a winning combination that has launched numerous crumbles, pies and puddings. 


It’s hard to imagine cooking without onions and shallots, a year-round kitchen staple. But they do have a season. Harvested in August and September, the bulbs are carefully dried until the skins turn brown, protecting the pungent freshness of the inner layers. This ‘curing’ process means they can be stored for the months ahead.


Few things are as sensuously delicious as a ripe fig; the dark skin hiding a beautiful pink centre made up of a tangle of seeds. Right now, it’s the season for some of the best in the world – plump, black fruit from Turkey, whose sweet flavour and perfume combines hints of honey and leafy greenness.

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