Lustau East India Solera Sherry 50cl




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Product Summary

""Lustau East India is a carefully prepared blend of two fine quality mature wines; an aged dry Oloroso and an aged sweet Pedro Ximenez, made from sun dried grapes. Once blended the wine is returned to American oak casks to""Mary""together for a period of one year prior to bottling. This produces a much smoother and more complex wine with great depth of character.The term East India Sherry originates from the 16th Century when barrel of Sherry were sent, lashed to the decks of sailing ships, to the Indies. It was recognised that wines benefited considerably in quality from their long sea journeys. Lustau East India is matured to reproduce its style.""20% vol.

Preparation & Storage


  • Lustau East India can be enjoyed slightly chilled either on its own as an aperitif or at the end of a meal with sweet puddings, crème brulee, chocolate dishes or cheeses.CONTAINS SULPHITES.