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Product Summary

For use throughout most of USA and AsiaCompliant with British standardsAirport friendlyUSA&Asia travel adaptor

Usage Instructions

  • InstructionsFor use in: USA, Mexico, Taiwan, Caribbean, Thailand, Philippines, Canada, Papua New Guinea, Fiji, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, most of South America and parts of China.The swivel pin system can change from USA to Australia and Far East sockets.For use in most USA, Canada, Japan, Caribbean and other countries operating a 120 Volt system, ensure that the flat pins are turned to the parallel position.For use in Australia, New Zealand, Pacific Islands and other countries operating a 240 Volt system, ensure that the flat pins are turned to the angled position.Please note that the plugs should be attached to the adaptor before being inserted into the mains socket.Please allow for some regional variations as some plugs may vary.Please retain the information on this pack for future referenceWarningThe adaptors does not convert voltage.Ensure that the appliance is suitable for the local voltage supply.For temporary use only.Do not use in the UK.Do not touch the plug pins when inserting or removing from the socket.