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Easter fun and activities. Great ideas for filling the Easter holidays.

With the arrival of the school holidays and a certain bunny, Easter is always a popular time with children. Keep your little ones entertained with easy-peasy recipes for cupcakes and cookies, and for hours of fun, get your crayons ready for some egg decorating. Or why not host an Easter egg hunt? As well as being super exciting, it's a great way to keep the little ones happy.

Children's Easter game

Children’s Easter game

Easter is all about new life, and we’ve got just the game that will take your little ones on an exploring adventure where they can learn all about Spring, the great outdoors and get some Easter treats along the way.  

There are several ways this game can be played – in the garden, park, local farm or even in the house if it rains, and very little planning is needed.

How to make homemade chocolate Easter eggs

Looking for a way to keep the kids occupied over the Easter holidays? Why not get crafty and creative with chocolate and master the simple art of homemade chocolate Easter eggs! Follow our easy and fun step-by-step recipe and find out how you can add the perfect finisihing touches with our top egg decorating tips. 

Egg decorating 

Egg decorating is a great way to get into the Easter spirit. Dye your eggs with food colouring added to the water when hard-boiling them. Before dyeing, clean the eggs with white vinegar to help the shell absorb the dye. If you want to play with patterns, use a white crayon as the wax will block the dye. Alternatively, decorate plain-dyed eggs with glitter, sequins and ribbon. (Don’t eat the eggs after they’ve been dyed.)

You can also use washed raw eggs. Use a needle to make a small hole in the narrow end and a slightly larger hole at the other. Wriggle round the needle to break the yolk’s membrane, blow through the small hole to empty the egg, then decorate with glitter, sequins and ribbon.

Spring eggs
Egg decorating
Egg decorating

Recipes for little chefs 

Grab some mini pinnies and keep the little troops entertained with our fun-filled Easter baking recipes.