With Easter fun and frolics just around the corner, we’ve got lots of ideas to keep everyone busy over the Easter period; from baking to gardening, you’ll be sure to have a fantastic Easter with the children

Chocolate recipes

Create a delicious masterpiece with these innovative ways of turning chocolate chunks into silky bites of pure delight


Indulge in these crisp and golden chunks of delicious chocolate dipped honeycomb 

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Easter fun

It wouldn't be Easter without lots of chocolatey mess and bundles of fun, so make sure you've downloaded our Easter game and got everything ready to start making your own chocolate eggs!

Family friendly fish dishes

Try our Good Friday fish dishes for delicious and nutritious family dinners 


These scrumptious individual fish pies with fresh fish and smooth buttery mash are perfect for the whole family

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Baking Easter treats

Keep the children entertained with these colourful and creative Easter recipes; they are also delicious  gifts for friends and family!


Make afternoon tea even more fun with these blueberry bunny scones

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Easter gardening

With springtime arriving on our doorsteps, now is the perfect time to start planting beautiful bulbs around the garden or aromatic herbs in the kitchen

Cress egg heads

Have fun with cress egg heads!

Herb station

Our range of spring bulbs available from Waitrose Garden are perfect for planting anywhere in the home and garden 

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