About the Waitrose Cookery School

About the Waitrose Cookery Schools

If a chef is only as good as his tools – then you’re in luck. As well as offering three state-of-the-art spaces in London and Salisbury, we’ve cherry-picked the best equipment to give you an unforgettable experience.

Waitrose Cookery School
Finchley Road
199 Finchley Road, 
Goldhurst Terrace
Telephone number: 0207 372 6108

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Waitrose Cookery School
Churchill Way West
Telephone number: 01722 329429

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Waitrose Cookery School
King's Cross

Granary Square,
King's Cross,
Telephone number: 0203 479 1596

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Meet the team >

We’ve put together a melting pot of culinary talent, each bringing their own ideas, tastes and expertise to the table. They’ve worked as TV chefs, written countless cookbooks and even served breakfast to the Queen.

Too many cooks? You obviously haven’t tried our broth

Frequently asked questions >

If you have a query about the cookery school or our courses then please click here. If you question isn't answered then please email waitrosecookeryschool@waitrose.co.uk and we will answer you as soon as possible.

Terms and conditions >

We would be grateful if you could read our terms and conditions before you attend a course or buy a gift certificate as they include important information that you will need to know.