Heston's Easter special

Join Heston for a delicious Easter

Easter weekend is all about food, and if you are looking for that extra bit of inspiration, Heston has it covered. From delicious afternoon bites to his very own golden chocolate egg, his ideas and recipes will delight and surprise your family this Easter.

Setting the gold standard

Easter just wouldn’t be Easter without another eggcellent creation from Heston Blumenthal

The Heston from Waitrose Dark Chocolate Egg has a dark chocolate shell that shimmers with edible gold dust. Crack it open, and inside you’ll find six chocolate mini eggs, each with a citrussy centre of mandarin ganache, huddling together in their own vanilla-flavoured nest.

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Heston's rhubarb sponge

Heston's rhubarb sponge >


Heston on Waitrose TV

Heston's Two-ingredient chocolate mousse

“Sometimes rules are made to be broken. Water is supposed to be the enemy of chocolate but here it’s the key to a mousse that’s astonishingly simple to make and, since no cream is involved, has a gratifyingly intense chocolatey flavour.”