Rude Health multigrain thins 160g


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Product Summary

A five grain flavour fix. Organic whole grains. Gluten-free. Low fat. High fibre. Non GM. No artificial anythings. Vegetarian Society approved. Kosher - KLBD. Thinish. Roundish. Moreish. Amazing. You take five organic grains from small organic farms. You puff'em up then you round em' off with a little sea salt. The result is a delightfully sophisticated snack, the perfect foil for canapés among special friends. Or possibly just for snaffling on your own, without the least pang of guilt. Hello! At Rude Health, we choose the best of the best ingredients and put them together in ways that make their natural flavours sing. No need to fortify or falsify. No need to mess with the planet. With great food inside us, we feel can do just about anything. Eat right, stay brilliant. How Rude Can You Get? You like a little bit of everything - so we have just the cereal for you. Our Ultimate Granola contains seven grains, so every mouthful tastes different. You're in Rude Health when... You dance like nobody's watching - on the bus. Your company parking space is a bike stand. You wax on, you wax off. Food for Thought. What we leave out is just as important as what we put in. If you'd like to hear us rant about the ins and outs of food,farming and other words starting with F, drop into


Corn, Brown Rice, Millet, Buckwheat, Quinoa, Sea Salt*, *Approved Non-Organic ingredient

Preparation & Storage


  • How we like themSophisticated: with mascarpone and chopped figsRustic: with organic goat's cheese and piccalilliSilly: by trying to get whole ones into our mouths unbroken


So tuck in. And store in a dry place.


Component Material Recyclable
Packing Blank Yes