Dylon colour catcher sheets 24s


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Product Summary

Pro-tex Colour System. Prevents colour runs&allows mixed washes. Protects colour intensity wash after wash. Suitable for hand and machine washing and safe for the dryer. Suitable for use at all temperatures and for all fabrics. Double Action = Maximum Protection . Protects Colour Brightness. By using Colour Catcher®in every wash, your coloured garments stay vibrant for longer. Prevents Colour Runs. With Colour Catcher®, you can mix all your colours, even white, without risking colour runs. With its unique Pro-Tex colour System\u2122, Colour Catcher®provides a double action: it traps hardly visible particles of loose dye and prevents dye build up on other garments, which otherwise would diminish their colour over time. The poof is on the sheet!®. Wash with confidence and keep your colours bright! Did you know? Colours run in every wash depositing, often hardly visible, dye particles on other garments, reducing brightness wash after wash. Smart Washing. 1 Less sorting = fewer wash loads. 2 Save time, water, energy and detergent. 3 More environmentally friendly. 4 The sheet and carbon are biodegradable and recyclable. 5 FSC®certified as the sheet raw materials are from responsible sources.

Usage Instructions

  • Usage Instructions1. Place the Colour Catcher®sheet(s) at the back of the machine drum before loading the washing.2. Add your detergent and select the appropriate washing cycle according to the garment manufacturer's instructions.3. At the end of the wash remove and dispose of the sheet(s) and dry the clothing as soon as possible.PrecautionCertain fabrics are more susceptible to colour runs: dark and intense coloured fabrics, cotton and non-colourfast garments. For such items, it is recommended to increase the number of sheets. Reasonable care should be taken if mixing colours with whites. New coloured garments should be washed separately for at least the first 5 -6 washes. Bedlinen, towels and jeans should always be washed separately. Effectiveness cannot be guaranteed where large quantities of dye run form non-colourfast garments. Always follow the machine manufacturer's instructions.Keep out of the reach of children.