Catsan hygiene cat litter 10litre


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Product Summary

Made from unique mineral granules, composed of natural lime and quartz sand, this cat litter from Catsan will ensure your cat’s litter tray is clean and hygienic. It is also designed to counter unpleasant odours and comes in a convenient 10 litre carry bag.



Usage Instructions

  • Fill the litter tray to a depth of about 5cm. Inspect tray frequently and dispose of solid waste and soiled litter regularly and certainly within 24 hours. Completely empty the litter tray at least once a week and clean with near boiling water and a mild solution of household disinfectant. The tray should be completely dry before refilling with fresh CATSAN®Hygiene Litter. Some cats need to be introduced to change. When using CATSAN®Hygiene Litter for the first time it may be helpful to sprinkle a little of your previous litter on top until your cat is used to her new litter.