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Product Summary

Fights glass corrosion&colour fading. No. 1 recommended by leading dishwasher manufacturers. Up to 50 washes. Suitable for all dishwashers and detergents. As a result of frequent dishwashing, glassware can become permanently cloudy and dishware decorations and colours can fade permanently. This change in appearance is caused by corrosion of the glass and dish surfaces during the wash process. Your glasses and dishes need expert protection throughout the whole wash cycle. Finish Protector Dual Protection: Protects your glasses against corrosion, keeping the surfaces clear and shiny. With its unique decoration protection formula, protects the colour and brilliance of the decorations on your dishes to prevent fading. Remains active and provides protection for up to 50 washes. Finish Protector Dual Protection has a unique technology that releases special protection agents into the wash water, to neutralise the damaging corrosive elements in every wash. Finish Protector Dual Protection remains active for approx. 50 washing cycles. Increased washing temperatures, long running programs and very soft water inside the dishwasher are unfavourable for glasses and decorations. For optimal protection in such harsh conditions, an increased level of protective agents is necessary. The unique technology of Finish Protector Dual Protection adjusts for these conditions - the diamond dissolves faster and Finish Protector Dual Protection may need replacing before the full 50 cycles are completed. Glass-corrosion happens over time. Now that you have decided to protect your glasses against corrosion, try using protector as it helps protect against visible glass corrosion for longer than detergent alone. The degree of glass corrosion and decoration damage depends (amongst others) on the type of tableware and the specific conditions during the washing process. Antique, handpainted and gold coloured tableware is not suited to the high temperatures inside dishwashers, therefore these items may become damaged even if Finish Protector Dual Protection is used. Finish Protector Dual Protection does not prevent scaling and mechanical damages like scratching, cracking and spalling. #1 Recommended. Riedel - The Wine Glass Company, Luigi Bermioli Italy, Dartington Crystal, Rosenthal, Villeroy&Boch. Our Home Our Planet. Info. Visit our site to see how we are doing our bit.

Usage Instructions

  • Instructions for UseHang Finish Protector Dual Protection on the inside of the bottom rack of your dishwasher as indicated in the picture. This placement ensures ideal protection performance. Finish Protector Dual Protection is an additive for glass and décor protection: use detergent as well as Rinse Aid and salt where applicable. For maximum protection, replace before Finish Protector Dual Protection's diamond is completely dissolved. Finish Protector Dual Protection may occasionally become cloudy, this will not affect performance. Keep away from children.Do not place into mouth. Do not open or destroy cage.Replace cage if broken. Apply cage to the lower basket.