Nature Babycare Extra Large Nappy Pants 6, 16+ kg 18s 18s


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Product Summary

Naturally breathable. Chlorine and fragrance free. GM free corn based film. Natural and renewable material. Top rated performance. Recommended by Swedish Asthma and Allergy Association. Pull on pants. Go green without giving up performance. Founded in Sweden by Marlene Sanberg, the Swedish mom who decided the world needed a better nappy/diaper. Take a look at our other products e.g. wipes, toiletries and our lovely clothing line atour homepage. To see what other parents are saying about us, read our reviews at Ambassador Club

Usage Instructions

  • Warning: To avoid suffocation always keep unused pull on pants and packaging away from children. If you notice a gel-like material on your baby's skin don't be alarmed, this material comes from the pull on pants padding and can easily be wiped off of your baby's skin. Do not compost.Disposal Instructions: To properly dispose of the pull on pants, place the pull on pants in a Naty Disposal Bag and place in the waste bin. Do not compost. Human waste contains bacteria that can contaminate water and harm the surrounding environment, including people. Harmful bacteria must be subject to high temperatures for a long time to kill them off. It can be difficult to obtain the necessary temperature in all parts of a small compost heap.

Recycling & Disposal

Component Material Recyclable
Pack Blank Yes