Brita water filter cartridges 3s


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Product Summary

The BRITA Classic cartridge reduces limescale, chlorine and impurities. The result is cleaner, clearer great tasting hot and cold drinks. Each BRITA cartridge will filter around a months supply of water for the average family. Change the cartridge every 4 weeks for best results. Suitable for all water types. To find out more go to

Usage Instructions

  • 4-step filtration1 Intensive pre-filtration: The water flows through a fine mesh filter.2 Ion exchange filtration: The ion exchange resin reduces limescale (carbonate hardness) and certain heavy metals (like lead and copper).3 Activated carbon filtration: The activated carbon significantly reduces substances that affect smell and taste such as chlorine, certain pesticides and organic impurities.4 Intensive final filtration: The special fine mesh filter retains particle mixture.Instructions for use: please see cartridge foilChange of cartridge regularly every 4 weeks: see inside of flap.Brita Classic filter cartridges fit in all Brita Classic jugs and kettles as well as in domestic appliances made by our Brita partners. Please look for the Classic cartridges symbol in your instruction manual.

Recycling & Disposal

Component Material Recyclable
Pack Blank Yes