Dragonfly Organic Swirling Mist White Tea 20 sachets 36g


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Product Summary

OrganicPure teas - no compromiseCamellia sinensis var. Fuding DabaiThis authentic Bai Mudan white tea, known as white peony, is one of the great teas of China. Named for the silvery white down that covers the underside of the leaves, it is grown in the high mountain mists of Fujian province. In spring, the tender shoots are carefully selected and skilfully cured, a natural process that has been perfected over centuries. In traditional Chinese medicine, Bai Mudan white tea is saidto refresh, detoxify and bring the immune system into balance.Taste refreshing, subtle, with a characteristic nutty taste.Dragonfly Teas use only the finest quality, pure organic teas, herbs and spices.


Organically Grown White Tea

Preparation & Storage


  • Directions Allow freshly boiled water to cool a little. Infuse for 1-3 minutes or according to taste. To experience all the taste nuances add water for a second cup.