Rombouts italian style 10 individual filter filter coffees 62g


Sorry, we no longer stock these items at the branch Cambridge.

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Product Summary

Rich&intense. Strength - 4 - Medium/Dark Roast. 10 individual fair trade filter coffees. Medium roast for an authentic rich and full-bodied flavour. Our Italian style coffee blend was inspired by the Italian tradition for serving in their coffee bars deliciously rich smooth chocolatey, full-bodied roasts. Its deep rich flavour and aroma make this ideal for serving at the end of a delicious dinner. Rombouts Secret. Sometimes 'Instant Coffee' just won't do, but making a pot of filter coffee is too much trouble. Fortunately here at Rombouts we have the solution with our range of one cup filters. Simply add water and before you know it you will have a perfect cup of filter coffee to enjoy. We guarantee perfection every single time because we ensure the precise coffee to water mix is filtered for exactly the right amount of time. Enjoy!

Preparation & Storage


  • This coffee is perfect for any time of the day.