Steve's Leaves wild red rocket 50g




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Naturally rich in folic acid. A natural source of vitamins A+C. Washed only in spring water + ready to eat. Conservation Grade - Nature friendly farming. A ruddy gorgeous mix of wild red®rocket&milder leaves. A Bit About Us... We're a bunch of farmers who grow delicious baby leaves. When we're not out in the field tending to our crop, we're dreaming up new varieties like our Wild Red®Rocket, with its striking red veins. Here we've combined it with some of our milder leaves to make a stunning little mix we're really proud of. Folic acid is needed for healthy cells and blood, while vitamin A is important for healthy vision and skin. Vitamin C is important for healthy skin bones and gums. All three help keep the immune system healthy. Get the best from our leaves by enjoying them as part of a balance diet and healthy lifestyle. Conversation Grade - Nature friendly farming®. 10% of our land is dedicated to nature


Wild Red®Rocket 40%, Milder Leaves 60%, (Baby Red Cos, Baby Green Batavia, Mizuna)

Preparation & Storage


  • Flip Me it's Delicious...With Parma ham and parmesan shavings, dressed with lemon juice, extra virgin olive oil, sea salt and a good grind of pepper.


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