Martha's Christmas bakes

'What makes Christmas... For me, it's all about the festive flavours' says Weekend columnist and Bake Off 2014 star, Martha Collison

Martha Collison

Christmas baking is all about the flavours – the smell of gingerbread and amaretto around the house and all those wonderful festive spices filling the kitchen. I normally start doing my Christmas bakes as soon as it gets into December and the weather turns bad: that’s when the Christmas music goes on and the candy canes come out.

This year, I’ve been putting my own spin on Christmas classics: lovely traditional Christmas recipes, but with a twist. I think it’s nice to open them up a little bit and change them around.

Martha Collison's spiced marmalade bundt cake

This year I’m using Waitrose Signature Spice, which is brilliant. It’s such a nice blend that makes everything taste really warming. Also, it means you don’t have to open endless jars of different spices! 

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