Marigold bathroom gloves pair


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MADE STRONGER TO LAST LONGER. COTTON LINED FOR COMFORT. For Extra Comfort and Protection. 1 Tapered wrists for improved fit. 2 Self supporting sleeves. 3 Beaded cuffs to prevent tearing. 4 Cotton lined for comfort. Marigold Bathroom gloves are made from a medium weight latex formulation and have beaded cuffs making them more substantial than most other housegloves. The beaded cuffs prevent accidental tearing especially when putting on or taking off the gloves. Marigold Bathroom gloves protect the hands from leading makes of bathroom surface cleaners, toilet cleaners, bleaches and antiseptics/disinfectants. For more information on the protective qualities of Marigold gloves, please contact thehelpline detailed. The Marigold Glove Range. MARIGOLD KITCHEN - Extra Life\u2122 - the only housegloves with a special coating for outstanding strength and durability. This means that they not only last longer than ordinary gloves, but also offer proven protection against most harsh cleaning products - even oven cleaners. MARIGOLD VINYL - Ultra Fine - for ultimate sensitivity and economy. Cheap enough to dispose of after one use. MARIGOLD OUTDOOR - Extra Tough\u2122 - dirt, water and chemical resistant gloves. Ideal for messy, outdoor tasks such as car washing, fence painting and outdoor maintenance. MARIGOLD GARDEN GLOVES - two latest additions, specially designed for keen gardeners: MARIGOLD GARDEN - cool, comfortable, light and sensitive cotton gloves which have been specially coated with protective Nitrile to provide added protection and durability. They are perfect for all lighter garden tasks. MARIGOLD GARDEN PLUS - stronger than standard garden gloves. These cotton gloves have been double coated with protective Nitrile and fitted with a tough safety cuff. These thorn, puncture and splinter resistant gloves are ideal for garden tasks where ultimate protection is required.