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Lavender Ice cream

I devised this as a lower-fat type of ice cream, without eggs - as a friend of ours is allergic to eggs. It is much simpler to make than traditional ice creams, with an illusive, summery flavour. You can also eat it warm as a custard - it's rather good on Christmas pudding!

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It's delicious. I often ask guests if they can guess the flavour, and very often they can't - it's flowery/scented but not overpowering.

  • Total time: approx 15 mins. prep + 30-40 mins. cooking

Serves: 4


  • 1-1½ pt milk (or use some double cream if wished)
    1-2 tbls. caster sugar (to taste)
    5-6 Lavender flower heads (on stalks)
    2-3 tsps. cornflour, or 2 egg yolks as preferred (You can vary this, using more cornflour and cream instead of eggs)


  1. Bring milk/cream to the boil, add lavender flowers, turn off heat & leave to steep. When cool, remove lavender, mix the cornflour with a little of the cold milk, put sugar & egg yolks in a double saucepan, add the cold milk & heat gently, stirring until mixture thickens, use whisk if needed. Cool, & freeze.

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