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    Glynn Purnell's Festive baked alaska

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    Glynn Purnell's Festive baked alaska

    Makes: 1 cake


    ½ x 25g pack basil, chopped
    250g Waitrose Christmas Mincemeat
    1 litre vanilla ice cream
    30 x 15cm sponge prebaked and cooled (or 300g pack Waitrose Madeira Cake, cut in half horizontally)
    200ml stock syrup 
    140ml dark rum
    4 medium Waitrose British Free Range Blacktail Egg whites 
    200g caster sugar  


    1 Stir the chopped basil into the mincemeat. Beat the ice cream in a mixer to soften, taking care not to overbeat, as it will melt. Add
    the mincemeat mixture to the ice cream and mix.

    2 Lay out 3 pieces of clingfilm side by side (so they overlap each other by half) on a bench. Spoon ice cream into the middle and
    roll into a 8cm-thick cylinder about 30cm long, and refreeze for 24 hours.

    3 Arrange the sponge on a plate (it needs to measure about 30 x 8cm). Warm the stock syrup with 40ml of the dark rum and pour over the sponge to soak it. 

    4 Meanwhile, whip the egg whites in a mixer to stiff peaks, then gradually add the sugar. Remove the clingfilm from the
    ice cream. Lay the ice cream on the sponge, then carefully, with a large palette knife, cover with meringue.

    5 Blow torch the meringue until golden. Warm the remaining rum, ignite and pour over the Alaska. Serve!

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    Cook’s tip 
    To make stock syrup heat equal quantities of sugar and water until boiling, then allow to cool completely.

    Please note: Weekend Kitchen With Waitrose is a live show. All recipes are therefore subject to change.


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