zoom Iced Amaretto Christmas pudding with chocolate sauce

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    Iced Amaretto Christmas pudding with chocolate sauce

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    Iced Amaretto Christmas pudding with chocolate sauce

    • Preparation time: 10 minutes + freezing time
    • Total time: 10 minutes + freezing time

    Makes: 1 large Christmas pudding, or 2 small ones Serves: 12 - 14


    ½ x 397g can condensed milk
    600ml double cream
    1 tsp vanilla bean paste
    4 tbsp Amaretto liqueur
    75g amaretti biscuits
    75g dried apricots, chopped
    75g glacé cherries, halved
    50g toasted flaked almonds

    For the chocolate sauce
    150g dark chocolate, finely chopped
    100ml double cream
    2 tbsp golden syrup


    1. In a large bowl, whisk together the condensed milk, double cream and vanilla using an electric hand whisk, until the mixture thickens and has the texture of softly whipped cream. Stir in the Amaretto.

    2. Crush the amaretti biscuits into rough crumbs and fold into the mix, along with the apricots, cherries and almonds, until well combined.

    3. Lightly oil the inside of 1 large pudding basin (or 2 small ones), then line with a double layer of clingfilm, leaving some overhanging so you can remove the pudding easily. Don’t worry too much about creases because these can be smoothed out later. Spoon the mixture into the basin and smooth over the top. Fold the overhanging clingfilm over the top, then freeze the pudding for at least 8 hours (4 hours if you’ve opted for the 2 smaller ones), until firm all the way through.

    4. While the pudding freezes, make the chocolate sauce. Place the chocolate into a saucepan with the cream and golden syrup. Place over a low heat, stirring all the time, until all the chocolate has melted and the sauce is smooth. Pour into a jug – it will be thick so add more cream to adjust the consistency – and allow to cool completely before serving.

    5. Then, 10 minutes before you are ready to serve, fill a bowl slightly larger than your pudding basin with hot water. Remove the pudding basin from the freezer and carefully lower it into the water. Leave for 30 seconds and then lift out. The pudding should be much easier to remove.

    6. Unwrap the clingfilm covering the top of the pudding, invert a serving plate over the basin and tip the pudding out. It should come easily. Remove the clingfilm from the outside of the pudding and use a palette knife to smooth over the edges and serve immediately with the chocolate sauce.

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