Responsible drinks retailing

Waitrose is committed to highlighting the sensible drinking message to both our customers and staff. It is our aim to promote the responsible sale and consumption of alcohol.

Alcohol In Moderation (AIM)

Waitrose supports AIM which was founded in 1991 as an independent organisation whose role is to communicate 'The Sensible Drinking Message' and to act as a conduit for information from the industry, associations and researchers on relevant research, legislation, policy and campaigns.

AIM's mission

To promote the sensible and responsible consumption of alcohol

To encourage informed debate on alcohol issues

To communicate and publicise relevant medical and scientific research in a clear and concise format

To distribute AIM digest without charge to the media, legislators and researchers involved in alcohol affairs

To direct enquiries from the media and others towards full and accurate sources of information

Find out more about AIM at (this link opens a new window).

Responsible Drinks Retailing (RDR)

Waitrose is delighted to be part of the RDR an initiative to educate and unify drinks retailers in accordance with the Government's Alcohol Harm Reduction Strategy.