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Every three months, shares a donation of £25,000 between three national causes - we need your help to decide who gets what.




Campaign for National Parks

Campaign for National Parks

From the Lake District to the South Downs, Snowdonia to Exmoor, our National Parks are beautiful, valuable places but they face threats from major development, pollution and declining wildlife.

Over 80 years ago Campaign for National Parks began our work to make sure everyone could access and benefit from these inspirational places. We remain the only national charity dedicated to protecting and improving the English and Welsh National Parks.

Please vote for Campaign for National Parks and support our work to champion, defend and enhance the National Parks for current and future generations to enjoy.

Children's Liver Disease Foundation

Children's Liver Disease Foundation

Childhood liver disease is rare, complex and life threatening. At least 1000 children are diagnosed with a liver disease every year. The result is a lifetime of medical treatment, often including liver transplant.

Children and families affected suffer from delayed diagnosis, a lack of clear information and increasing social isolation, caused by a lack of contact with similar sufferers.

Children’s Liver Disease Foundation provides vital information to families and healthcare professionals, hosts special events where families can meet and share experiences, attends hospital clinics to provide emotional support and contributes to much needed research into these incurable and little-understood conditions.

UK Men's Sheds Association

UK Men's Shed Association

When faced by life-changing experiences such as retirement, unemployment or bereavement - a man can feel disconnected and disoriented, particularly when his identity has been tied up with his working life. Men’s Sheds are communal workspaces bringing older men together to stay healthier and happier for longer through making, mending and learning.

The UK Men’s Sheds Association exists to inspire and support the development of Men’s Sheds. As a membership organisation, we represent the interests of more than 500 Men’s Sheds and over 10,000 shedders. Our mission is to enable access to a Shed for every man that wants it.




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