Fitness expert Professor Greg Whyte

The celebrity coach and fitness expert has put some major names through their paces – including Davina McCall, David Walliams, James Cracknell
and Eddie Izzard – in a series of tough physical challenges, all in the name 
of charity. As a Waitrose Weekend columnist, he's now sharing his lifelong passion for physical activity and his sports science knowledge to get
the nation achieving their physical goals. Read below his top tips
for mastering your fitness journey.


'Achieving active lifestyles, is it possible?'

Fresh from completing Sport Relief 2018, Olympian and physical activity expert Professor Greg Whyte OBE will be sharing insights from over a decade of challenges, while outlining his next 
big challenge, which is how to show the UK that an active lifestyle isn’t a case of achieving the impossible. Join him in your local branch:

Canary Wharf Monday 19 March

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Banbury Monday 16 April 

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Basingstoke Wednesday 16 May

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Small steps, big changes

A journey starts with a single step. Whether you want to run a marathon or eat your five (or 10) a day, use these tips to help you:

1. Believe in yourself. The biggest barrier to achieving success can be you. Believing you can reach your goal is key to staying committed.
2. Set a goal. Whether you want to run a marathon or 5k, break it into shorter-term, manageable chunks. Put a chart in view on your fridge and tick o your goals as you go. Give each small goal a deadline to keep you on track.
3. Plan ahead.Whatwillyou need to reach your goal? Do you need any equipment or clothing,
to join a walking, running, swimming group or gym, or a workout diary? Plan a training diet.
4. Date it. Write training sessions in a diary, jot them on a calendar and treat them as any other important appointment – by keeping them.
5. Pick the right team. Professional sportspeople rely on a strong team. Surround yourself
with supportive family and friends, set up a Facebook or Whatsapp group and share your achievements – a challenge shared is a challenge halved.
6. Keep it fun. Going out on a wet morning to train is hard, but picking something you enjoy makes
it easier. And never give up: the end is not the end, but the start of new challenges.