Jersey Royals

Prized for its waxy texture, paper-thin skin and subtle nutty flavour, the Channel Islands’ most famous export has just arrived on the shelves. So what’s the secret to Jersey’s extra-delicious potatoes?

Grown exclusively on Jersey for more than 130 years, the island’s soil is light and well drained, making it ideal for growing crops. What’s more, their farms enjoy an extremely mild climate thanks to a combination of south-facing fields and a balmy maritime breeze. Only available for just a few months a year, Jersey Royals are not around for long so make sure you get yours.


5 ways with Jersey Royals 

Jersey Royal potato salad

Watch Dhruv Baker show you how to make a delicious potato salad using Jersey Royals.

In Dhruv’s words, “One of the things I really look forward to most is Jersey Royals. It’s such a short season; I think you’ve you got to make the most of them.” 

We couldn’t agree more. 

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