Summer strawberries

First blush of summer

The sunshine season is all about colour – and there’s no sight finer
than a bowl of vibrant, juicy strawberries

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Lucas Hollwegs top tips

Leave strawberries in the sunshine

You should never eat strawberries straight from the fridge – the chill
will dull their flavour and fragrance. Leave them to warm in the sun
before consuming.

Say yes to sugar and spice

It’s also a good idea to macerate strawberries with sugar (and
perhaps a splash of wine) for an hour or so – it intensifies the flavour
and creates a perfumed syrup.

Think outside the box

The classic strawberries and cream combinations always work;
lemon, orange, vanilla, elderflower, black pepper, mint and basil will
all complement the flavour too. But it’s worth thinking outside the pudding box. The Italians use strawberries in a savoury risotto, made sweet and sour with a splash of balsamic vinegar.