Most of us know that having at least five portions of fruit and veg everyday helps us get the vitamins, minerals and fibre we need to keep our bodies healthy. But many of us stuggle with what a portion is and what counts. We have made it easy to select your favourite fruit and veg and conveniently achieve your 5 a day.

Why 5 a day?

Fruit and vegetables aren’t just a great source of vitamins and minerals, they are also relatively low in calories and high in fibre, which helps you feel full and keeps your digestive system healthy. 


‘Berries are the original superfoods. Packed with nutrients and fibre, they provide a low-cal way of having something sweet,’ says Nathalie Winn, Waitrose nutritionist. Tasty and colourful, sprinkle over breakfast cereals, defrost in your porridge, or add a handful to your favourite yogurt. 


Simple snacks

For 5 a day on the go, simply choose a whole large fruit like an apple or banana, or two small fruit like plums or clementines which count as 1 of your 5 a day. A portion of dried fruit is 30g - about a handful.


Vegetables to cook

Fresh, frozen or canned all count towards your 5 a day. Canned or frozen fruit and veg are definitely not a second-best option. In fact, freezing can make them more nutritious than fresh because they are frozen directly after picking. If using canned, opt for varieties in water rather than brine. Simply steamed, boiled or microwaved, these can be added to almost any dish. 

1 of your 5 a day = 80g (three heaped tablespoons)


Prep and eat veg

Raw veg can make a for a tasty snack to have with your favourite dips, and add lots of colour and crunch simply grated or sliced into a salad. And if you thought salads were just for the summer months, think again. Having a salad for lunch is a great way of packing in your five a day. Brightly coloured fruit and veg contain the most nutrition, so adding these as a way to increase your intake of essential vitamins and minerals.