easy FREEZER recipes

Stocking up on frozen vegetables is an easy way to your 5 a day. Ready-peeled, podded or chopped for convenience, veg is frozen at its peak, locking in nutrients and flavour. For something super-speedy, consider a vegetable medley – they’re good value, because you’ll only use what you need and avoid unnecessary waste. 

Similarly, our bags of Essential chicken fillets and thighs, from birds reared on high welfare farms, make it easy to use as little as you need. And if I’m watching the pennies, I often swap cod and haddock  with these responsibly sourced Essential Coley Fillets.

tasty TINNED FOOD recipes

Canned foods are a convenient and affordable way to add more fruit, veg, fish and pulses to your menu. As with frozen, they’re picked and packed at peak freshness, preserving nutrients and flavour. It’s important to remember that beans and pulses often count as 1 of your 5 a day.