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Healthy meals and snacks, low-fat recipes and calorie controlled eating plans - LOVE life is based on the simple philosophy that nutritious food can taste great and should be enjoyed. 

LOVE life

Kick-start your new year with our 12 top tips to get you feeling and looking great. Now is the time to expand your food horizons, get active, be healthy, and start enjoying what you should eat, rather than worrying about what you shouldn’t. 

Find out how making simple changes to what, when and how you eat can help you cut calories, improve your sleep and make you feel alive and alert. 

A healthy and happy 2014 starts now.

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Lose weight the healthy way 

Do you want to lose some weight and keep it off? Just follow this simple healthy weight loss principle - eat a bit less and move a bit more.    

Our 4 week diet plan is based on an intake of 1500 calories a day, helping you eat around 500 less calories per day than you normally would. This plan makes it easier to select calorie and fat controlled meals and snacks from our LOVE life you count range along with delicious healthy recipe ideas. Find out more about LOVE life you count> 

Combine healthy eating with an A-list fitness routine devised by celebrity trainer Matt Roberts, and you’re on your way to shifting those extra pounds. 


Our exclusive ranges 

We believe everyone should be able to choose delicious food that supports a healthy and active lifestyle. Our LOVE life ranges are about enjoying and broadening your diet every day.  Whether it's about eating more variety, having more of your 5 a day, controlling calories or avoiding gluten, LOVE life has a product for you. 

LOVE life

A nutritionally balanced way of eating created by award-winning chefs and nutritionists

Delicious breads, pasta and sweet treats - all gluten free. It's a gluten free diet made easy

Achieve and maintain a healthy weight. We’ve done the calorie counting so you don’t have to