Summer Drinks

Your complete guide to sunshine drinking

No British summer should be without cocktails, rosés, chilled reds
and refreshing ciders. Not to mention Pimm's, a zesty white or why
not make your own cordial - perfect for cooling mocktails

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Ice cubes

 Plain, clear ice has its place, but why stop there when there are so many other summery ways to chill your drinks? Try adding fresh herbs that complement your drink – lemon thyme is delicious for a G&T - fruit is another lovely addition: pomegranate seeds look particularly pretty once they melt, while fine strips of cucumber complement the botanicals in gins. Or freeze fruit purées such as raspberry, mango or watermelon in large plastic containers and add to sparkling water.

Flower cocktail

The quickest way to make your drinks look super-summery is to take a leaf out the of the professionals’ book and garnish with edible flowers or herbs. Use the flowers purely as decorations, or muddle them to release their flavours.