Mediterranean diet plan

Mediterranean diet plan

What is the Mediterranean Diet?

The Mediterranean diet is long agreed to be one of the healthiest diets in the world.  It incorporates plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables as well as nuts, seeds and wholegrains.  It is less about avoiding foods and more about the nutritional quality of the foods you eat - with regular fish consumption, smaller amounts of meat and an emphasis on healthier fats.  

Although fat is not restricted, the Mediterranean diet tends to be lower in saturated fat than standard diets.  That fact, along with regular oily fish consumption,   means it can be beneficial for heart health.  And did we mention moderate amounts of red wine are allowed.  Restriction really doesn’t play a role in this diet, it's much more about moderation.

To inspire you with this healthier way of eating, we've pulled together some ideas of foods you could try with a week long meal plan.  Colourful, vibrant dishes are order of the day.  Enjoy!



Greek yogurt topped with Kellogg’s No Added Sugar Granola and raspberries (378kcal)

Spoon Cherry Bomb Granola sprinkled over Greek yogurt (260kcal)

No added sugar muesli (166kcal)

A slice of wheat, rye & sunflower bread topped with grilled cherry tomatoes (162kcal)



On the go: Melon & grape pot,  a portion of mixed nuts (246kcal)

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Beetroot, feta & walnut salad, crispbread bites & a portion of low fat houmous (464kcal)

Tuna nicoise salad & a pot of nectarine, raspberry & pomegranate (359kcal)

Good To Go wild rice & halloumi (339kcal)

Falafel, squash & grain bowl and grapes (365kcal)

Greek side salad and a toasted pitta bread with a dribble of olive oil (500kcal)


Sea bass fillets served with Green & white chickpea salad & a drizzle of lemon juice (348kcal)

Margherita pizza slice served with beetroot salad (383kcal)

Seeded haddock fillet served with a rainbow salad & a rustic wholemeal roll (464kcal)

Lemon & pepper chicken breasts served with wilted spinach cooked with garlic and Merchant Gourmet tomato & basil puy lentils (362kcal)

Higgidy Pepper, Feta & Spinach Frittata served with an avocado & feta side salad (520kcal)


On the side...

If you need a little extra, why not fill your plate up these nutritious suggestions


With no food out of bounds, dessert is still on the menu!  It's all about a little of what you fancy, so keep portions small or why not try a fresh fruit salad or one of these fruit based desserts

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Enjoy fruit, vegetables, nuts, seeds and other tasty snacks but remember to keep your portion sizes on track.  For information on recommended portion sizes, check out our guide to healthy portion sizes >

Waitrose & Partners Nutritionist favourites...

Waitrose World Deli spinach & feta parcels are a great alternative to sausage rolls and contain just 89kcal per parcel

Waitrose World Deli chicken slouvaki are a high protein snack with just 38kcal per skewer and less than 1g fat

Waitrose World Deli cannelinni bean crush is a delicious dip to have with toasted strips of wholemeal pitta bread for a fibre packed snack