Cooking glossary


Coffee grinder

A device that is used to grind coffee beans into a medium, fine or very fine powder which is then made into coffee. For the freshest-tasting coffee just grind the required amount of coffee beans for immediate use. There are a wide variety of grinders available from simple manual models to more sophisticated electric coffee mills. Grind the coffee beans to suit the coffee-making equipment being used.

The finer the grain, the larger the surface area of coffee is exposed to the water, and so it takes longer for the water to pass through it; so the finer the grain the stronger the coffee.

Prepare medium ground coffee for cafetières, percolators and jugs. If you're using a filter machine or cone you'll need finely ground coffee.

Very fine ground coffee is suitable for use in an espresso machine. When making coffee use 1 rounded dessertspoonful of ground coffee per cup for normal strength coffee, this can be adjusted according to taste.