Don't forget the finishing touch with a jug of velvety smooth gravy to flawlessly complete your roast dinner.  Get it just right with our tips and recipes

Gravy tips

No roast is complete without gravy, and just as there are many ways to roast a joint, there are many gravy methods. But the magic is always in your roasting tin. After setting the joint aside to rest, you’ll find lots of delicious caramelised bits left in the pan (even the bits that look burnt will be tasty).

Spoon out as much fat as you can, then set the tin over a medium heat on the hob, add a glug of hot water and scrape up all those golden bits. You can add wine, seasoning and a touch of sweetness (cranberry jelly, honey or sugar) if needed, then bubble to a syrupy consistency and strain into a jug.

For fattier meats, add a little flour to the tin after spooning out the fat. Stir for a couple of minutes before adding the water. This soaks up some of the leftover fat and results in a thicker, less greasy gravy.

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