When it comes to choosing, buying and cooking fish, the nation is at sea. Where does one begin? It’s easy, just select a fish species and choose one of our simple yet satisfying recipes. 

Cooking fish is easier than you think, but watch out for the most common pitfall - overcooking. 

Find out more about our fish varieties and easy, flavoursome cooking styles right here.


"We don’t own the fish in the sea, we’re just custodians of it for future generations, so it’s my job to make sure all Waitrose & Partners fish is responsibly sourced. If it can’t be, we don’t sell it."

Waitrose & Partners have fish specialists in most of our branches who can advise you on what fish to buy. Our fish specialists are trained at the renowned London's Billingsgate Seafood Training School. Not only can they gut, clean and fillet fish, they know how to cook every species that we sell.